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A seaside village – and a monstrous threat. Explore as you choose, by day or by night. Can you unravel the secrets of history and defeat the Leviathan?

Leviathan is a comic, but not an ordinary comic. Follow the paths from panel to panel. Where the path divides, you decide where to go next! A thrilling tale of sorcery, deception, and discovery.

This is a faithful adaptation of Jason Shiga’s newest choose-your-path comic book, Leviathan (also published in hardcover by Abrams Books). Our goal is not to make the comic “more interactive”, but to present the interactivity inherent in the story. We have not attempted to turn the book into an adventure game. There are no puzzles – except for your understanding of the story, which is entirely up to you. Just as in a physical book, you are free to browse around, or even jump straight to the end if you want.

The electronic medium allows us to improve on the book in one way: we can take advantage of Scott McCloud’s “infinite canvas” principle. Jason has reformatted the book’s pages and tabs into a single enormous spread, in which the story flows in every direction at once.

But can you see through to the truth?

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Published 20 days ago
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GenreInteractive Fiction
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