Update: Hadean Lands 2.2.0

Another UI update. There are no changes to gameplay.

  • The app is now responsive to the OS dark/light theme. App windows like the Journal, Map, and Preferences will be displayed in dark or light mode as appropriate. The story window will still display in your chosen color theme, but there are new system themes "Light/Dark" and "Sepia/Slate" which adjust automatically based on the OS setting.
  • There is now a "Display Cover Art" menu option (under the View menu).
  • Updated the Electron app framework to 8.4.1. This should fix the errors that some people were seeing on Linux.

 EDIT -ADD: It seems that on some Linux distributions, you have to add the --no-sandbox argument to get the app to run:

./Hadean\ Lands --no-sandbox

Sorry about that. It's a complicated Linux permissions issue that I don't really understand.


HadeanLands-Mac.zip 77 MB
Aug 16, 2020
HadeanLands-Windows-x64.zip 76 MB
Aug 16, 2020
HadeanLands-Windows-ia32.zip 73 MB
Aug 16, 2020
HadeanLands-Linux-x64.zip 74 MB
Aug 16, 2020
HadeanLands-Linux-ia32.zip 75 MB
Aug 16, 2020

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